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Why I am a Champion for this Cause


Friends, I know of a kid who actually wants to take piano lessons. He has a gift. He says “the music is pounding to get out,” but his parents can’t afford them. Art instruction can transform lives, and we have to make it available for when the Muse calls.

I have two goals as a champion for CSMA: the first is to urge you to Express Yourself  and the second is to enlist your help in building scholarships for music and art instruction.

I know many of you love art as much as I do, and that is why I ask you to join me in supporting CSMA. As a champion for CSMA I urge you all to Express Yourselves, your genius and ingenuity!  I’m up to my nostrils in home renovation, which requires considerable ingenuity

About to perform surgery on the front door

CSMA is a magical, quirky arts school where the Muse thrive. The daughters of Zeus love the place. Muse sing with the internationally renowned Ithaca Children’s Choir as they practice. (My Montessori soldier boy, Nat, sang in the choir for ten years.) The Muse also keep the nude models warm during open studio. Why, those irresistible Muse managed to lure over 36,000 people through the doors of CSMA last year, all looking for a good time. And they found it in theater, concerts, dancing, painting, sculpting, poetry writing, singing. Yeow – the list goes on!

I know many of you love art, making art, viewing art, as well as collecting art. Your appreciation of the mysterious creative process and your understanding of the political and cultural power of art is why I am asking you to join me in giving to this year’s Arts for All Marathon for the Community School of Music and Arts. You understand that art is truly important. A strong arts program ignites ingenuity where genius thrives and transforms.

Please give generously and follow the Muse, express yourself ~ you are the gift. 

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